eyes man fills lies (dew…)

creeping time walks path of circles
dew ankles

oak woman onto floating fluid
her limb his and had reason

again bastard apart
lovingly missed

man fills lies

her at loves only if tickled drunk
he high giggling wonders demoniacally his clownishly she

t-shirt mutating bulge pushes woman’s much returns
bastard fool

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Two RMX of The Photography Project


with clothes,
do not bother my naked self
onto the Gordon is
putting myself
I notice him on the sofa.

Gordon is
however, as continues
to don’t notice him

awareness of he continues to
him is mine
for my awareness of
a pigeon a rat.

like mine for
I is the
or a rat.

flicker from camera’s


a lime lolly, the continues to suck
green lolly, stick of suck a lime
the stick which resembles lime green lolly,
of which a child’s lolly, the stick
resembles a cartoon cigarette stick of which
child’s cartoon hanging from which resembles a
cigarette hanging her lower a child’s cartoon
from her lip. carefully cartoon cigarette hanging
lower lip. with moisturised hanging from her
carefully with fingertips she her lower lip.
moisturised fingertips folds over lip. carefully with
she folds the cellophane with moisturised fingertips
over the wrapper. with fingertips she folds
cellophane wrapper. every half folds over the
with every halved it the cellophane wrapper.
half halved is still wrapper. with every
it is as transparent. every half halved
still as her motions halved it is
transparent. her seem more is still as
motions seem elegant under as transparent. her
more elegant my drunkenness. her motions seem
under my attention flicks seem more elegant
drunkenness. attention toward a elegant under my
flicks toward lady in my drunkenness. attention
a lady a suit, attention flicks toward
in a boarding this toward a lady
suit, boarding bus from lady in a
this bus a heavy a suit, boarding
from a soaking of boarding this bus
heavy soaking rain. she bus from a
of rain. pushes the a heavy soaking
she pushes wrapper into soaking of rain.
the wrapper the gap rain. she pushes
into the between chairs, pushes the wrapper
gap between watching as wrapper into the
chairs, watching the lady the gap between
as the lets water between chairs, watching
lady lets droplets shake watching as the
water droplets from a the lady lets
shake from transparent umbrella, lets water droplets
a transparent and sits droplets shake from
umbrella, and onto a from a transparent
sits onto seat in transparent umbrella, and
a seat front of and sits onto
in front us. pulling onto a seat
of us. the stick seat in front
pulling the from her front of us.
stick from lips she us. pulling the
her lips pushes it the stick from
she pushes into my from her lips
it into mouth; i lips she pushes
my mouth; grip lightly pushes it into
i grip between teeth. into my mouth;
lightly between ?here, suck? mouth; i grip
teeth. ?here, she grip lightly between
suck? she between teeth. ?here,
?here, suck? she

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