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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

a pile of rubber bands wrapped into a ball
bouncing/rolling against the PC

the teletypesensation of a character
such as ‘a’ or ‘@’

(five minutes:
the work day ends)

the lacanian triad
to be put in deletypes

more understanding

asking if it is possibler to serve
“will call back in ten”
(yeah right: like I’ll
answer from the/a Lambretta on the motorway)

Monday, February 9th, 2009

discussing work
glowing with pride
all that excel-sheet stuff
it was bad enough
to have their team go easy
dirt stinging in his wound
the second job I’ve taken
his heels dug in and pushed back hard
the tears were her way of expression
an oath cursed her love
they cried as children cheer
the doctors left ice on his wounds
evidently he moved around too much
a call to the coffee house
we hurried up and still barely
shut with a deep thud
as bits of ice fell away
she held the charts in her head
a sticker against the bottle
we were seeing Anna smile for the first time
she had a presence that is sure
thoughts clouded
cleaning with an old cloth
a weary sigh
refunded his thirty-five pence
and she felt her breath hiccup
she’d always hoped
we were the prisms
her eyes settled down
a hastily extinguished cigarette
the wound went deep
this place has no coffee shop
the answer? the pizza hut
right after the tollgate
they love the balloons

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

my mother said I could take my shirt off
by the time I finished I had an energy bar
a banana with some orange juice
I peered around the telephone

would it be cool if they took just one more?
with weather forecasts calling for sunshine
she returned to her shopping

the girl walked back and forth
fingers across the garage door
Owen toasts her, raising his gin
this causes a delay
you mean like a formal dance?
if I recall correctly I was teetering on the edge


so, when can you get me the tests?
she stirs and doesn’t actually want to
laughingly grabbed my shirt by the neck
her eyes dropped down
another volunteer soon intervenes
they want to give me water and test my blood

she lost confidence with most
Jack turned to face her
can you see a light?
he joked
a woman tried fleeing
twisted arms
burnt skin
drilled pipes
I recognised the shorts
she was smoking
she will not be good at


and then I’m in the car on the way home
do moisturizers cause skin cancer?
you’ll get a little green

we took a long route
(although our benchmark has changed)
along the scenery
some nice down-hills
through the woods
we were safe
no one was there